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Posted 8/20/06: MCAS: Give us your dog and we'll drop the fines; MCAS feral cat bite investigation (2006); MCAS cat bite investigation (2006); No Kill Solutions regarding feral cats, Animal Aid & MCAS (1993); Public Records Request form.
Posted 8/16/06: Multnomah County Oregon blocks public records access to prevent discolsure of misconduct (2006); email correspondence regarding public records concerns (2006); MCAS pitbull behavior assessment record (2006, dog killed); MCAS pitbull behavior assessment record (2006, dog killed).
Posted 8/13/06: Gail R. O'Connell-Babcock, Plaintiff, vs. Multnomah County Animal Services, and its Director, Michael Oswald, Defendants; Response to motion to dismiss; Circuit Court Case No. 0606-06159 (2006).
Posted 8/1/06: Regarding Gail O'Connell Babcock v. Multnomah County Animal Services and its Director, Michael Oswald; Multnomah County Circuit Court Case No. 0402-01422 (2004).
Posted 7/20/06: Gail R. O'Connell-Babcock, Plaintiff, vs. Multnomah County Oregon, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, and Multnomah County Animal Services, Michael Oswald, John Rowton, Linda Powers, Elizabeth Klobucnik, Shannon James, Jennifer Holman, Stephanie Collingsworth and Tracee Stewart, Defendants; Complaint For Declaratory Relief and Petition For Writ of Review; Circuit Court Case No. 0607-07271 (2006).
"Our mission is to protect pets and people and, if we can assist the most vulnerable and needy in our community to stay with their beloved pets, we are working toward our mission" - MCAS Director Michael Oswald, Spot Magazine February 2006

MCAS is failing the human guardians and the animals.
Please explore the links, read the documents, see for yourself.

Fiscal Year 2004
(July 2003 through June 2004)
928 Dogs Adopted
754 Dogs Killed
1,188 Cats Adopted
2,198 Cats Killed
2,116 Cats and Dogs Adopted
2,952 Cats and Dogs Killed
That's 246 cats and dogs killed each month

Fiscal Year 2005
812 Dogs Adopted
1,150 Dogs Killed
1,142 Cats Adopted
2,584 Cats Killed
1,954 Cats and Dogs Adopted
3,734 Cats and Dogs Killed
That's 311 cats and dogs killed each month

MCAS likes to use the term "euthanize" to categorize the termination of life. This term is defined as an act or practice of ending the life of a sentient being suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition. What MCAS is doing each day with our tax dollars is killing healthy adoptable animals, and it appears the trend is for more killing.

There is another way to deal with the animals whose bad fortune landed them in MCAS. Examples of those who are working on this kinder way can be found here and here. It's called the no-kill movement. Sign the No Kill Declaration. Insist that our county commissioners, especially Chairperson Diane Linn, Director of Business and Community Services Cecilia Johnson and MCAS Director Michael Oswald get on board.

Updated 8/20/06

"All beings tremble before violence. All fear death, all love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?" -Buddha

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