When innocent animals are under attack, what do we do? Act up, fight back!
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From the April 4, 2006 Portland Tribune"

"Owners Gregg and Linda Schumacher promise to keep their store at 811 S.W. Morrison St. open six days a week, despite months of noisy Saturday rallies by animal rights protesters. But on March 29, the Schumachers’ landlord threatened to evict them because of their reactions to the demonstrations.

In a certified letter from lawyer Alan Laster, the landlord - Tom Moyer Theaters, Property - said signs the Schumachers had posted in their store windows violated the terms of their lease. The letter told them that unless the signs were removed, the Schumachers would be evicted.

The signs advertise a 50 percent off sale during the weekly protests. Despite the letter, they were still in the windows last Saturday when dozens of protesters again gathered outside the store, chanting slogans against selling fur.

According to Linda Schumacher, the signs are necessary to lure customers into the store during the noisy protests."